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5.39. Archigallo againe.

Archigallo againe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 WHen Archigallo was thus reſtored to the kingdome, and hauing learned by due cor|rection that he muſt turne the leafe, and take out a new leſſon, by chãging his former trade of liuing into better, if he would raigne in ſurtie: he became a new man, vſing himſelfe vprightly in the admi|niſtration of iuſtice, & behauing himſelfe ſo wor|thily in all his doings, both towards the Nobles and commons of his realme, that he was both be|loued and dread of all his ſubiects. And ſo conti|nuing the whole terme of his life, finally departed this worlde now after he had raigned this ſecond time the ſpace of tenne yeares, and was buryed at Yorke.

5.40. Elidure againe.

Elidure againe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 ELidurus brother to this Archigallo,Mat. VVeſt. was then again admitted king by conſent of al the Bri|taynes .3700. of the worlde. But his two yonger brethren, Vigenius and Peredurus,Brother a|gaynſt bro|ther. enuying the happie ſtate of this worthie Prince, ſo highly for his vertue and good gouernaunce eſteemed of the Brytaynes, of a grounded malice conſpired a|gaynſt him, and aſſembling an armie, leuied war agaynſt him, and in a pight field tooke him priſo|ner, and put him in the Tower of London,Elidure com|mitted to pri|ſon. there to be kept ſafely as a priſoner, after he had raigned now this laſt time the ſpace of one yeare.

5.41. Vigenius and Peredurus.

Vigenius and Peredurus.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 31] VIgenius & Peridurus,Vigeni|us and Pere|durus. ye yõgeſt ſonns of Morindus, and brethren to Elidurus, be|ganne to raign iointly as kings of Brytayne, in the yeare of the worlde .3703. after the buylding of Rome .485. after the deli|uerance of the Iſraelites .266. complete, and in the xij. yere of Antigonus Gonatas, the ſonne of De|metrius king of the Macedonians.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Theſe two brethren in the Engliſh Chroni|cle are named Higanius, and Petitur, the which (as teſtifieth, Gal. Mon.) deuided the realme be|twixt them,Brytayne de|uided into two realmes. ſo that all the lande from Humber weſtward, fel to Vigenius, or Higanius, the other part beyõd Hũber northward Peridure held. But other affirm, ye Peredurus only raigned & held his brother Elidurus in priſon by his owne conſent, forſomuch as he was not willing to gouerne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 32But Gal. Mon. ſayth, that Vigenius dyed after he had raigned .vij. yeares, and then Peredu|rus ſeaſed all the land into his owne rule, and go|uerned it with ſuch ſobrietie and wiſedome, that he was prayſed aboue all his brethren, ſo that E|lidurus was quite forgotten of the Brytaynes. But other write,V [...]rietie in wryte [...]s. that he was a verie tyrant, and vſed himſelfe right cruelly towardes the Lordes of his lande, wherevpon they rebelled and ſlue him. But whether by violent hand, or by natu|rall ſickneſſe, he finally departed this life, after the conſent of moſt wryters, when hee had raigned viij. yeares, leauing no iſſue behinde him to ſuc|ceede in the gouernaunce of the kingdome. Hee buylded the towne of Pykering,Caxton. Eth. Bur. where his bodie was buried.

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